Who We Are

Brutten Global focuses on control-oriented investments in asset-backed businesses and properties where value can be created or added. All of Brutten Global’s businesses are focused on creating value and delivering exceptional returns to our family and stakeholders.


Established in 1978 to invest its principals’ capital, Brutten Global has since acquired over 800 buildings totaling 39 million sq. ft. across 16 US states, 4 countries, and 2 continents, in transactions valued at over US $4 billion.

By investing in out-of-favor, inefficiently operated, often-overlooked, and somewhat contrarian assets across a variety of investment classes, Brutten Global leverages its entrepreneurial capabilities and talented team to improve corporate performance.

Brutten Global is synonymous with value. With superior infill locations, strategic operational efficiencies, strong real estate tenancies, or iconic old-line businesses, Brutten Global assets are owned and operated on a long-term basis.